Online Portal to Get Temporary Pass

Online Portal to Get Temporary Pass During the Curfew Hours

How to Get a Curfew Pass?

The Saudi Public Security also stated that in the special case, the person who is wishing to obtain a temporary curfew pass will to the below mentioned link to register himself in the data box and the reason for obtaining the curfew pass. The Saudi departments will overview his request and after which it will receive a message of approval or disapproval on the mobile.

Where can we find the link?

Here is the link to get a temporary curfew pass: Click Here 

According to the statement given the department , it should be noted that curfew passes are not for resident and  Saudi expats of Makkah and Madinah

The permit has been launched with the aim of facilitating matters for humanitarian and emergency cases that need to travel between the Kingdom’s regions during the curfew period.

A curfew is being imposed as a precautionary measure to counter the coronavirus pandemic, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said Friday.

This service will be available round the clock. The application will be processed online to guarantee a quick response.

The Public Security said that the procedures for submitting an application comprises five steps, including:

1- Registering the applicant’s name, national identity card number for Saudis or resident permit (iqama) number for expatriates, and mobile number.

2- Filling the verification message sent to the beneficiary’s telephone number.

3- Mentioning the emergency or extraordinary circumstance in the allocated space and attaching the documents proving this in the “documents” space.

4- The beneficiary will get a message that the application has been submitted.

5- After the competent authorities have studied the application, the beneficiary will receive a message that his application has been accepted, along with the time for movement and travel route or he will receive a message of non-acceptance of his application for non-fulfillment of conditions. — SG/SPA

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