How to Make Money by Writing Articles

how to make money by writing articles

If you have any writing skills or know how to write, there is a way to make money by writing articles. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new writer or an already established writer.

After reading this article, you will not only know where to start your job and make money by writing articles. But also, how best to do it. You have to do everything right from the start, and success won’t be long in coming.

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Every day, millions of users go online and seeing new articles. There is someone who consumes this content, but someone else must write it correctly.

The text must be clear and at the same time everything must be written in an interesting way.

The text is edited, structured, and prepared. All of this is being done by an army of editors, rewriters, and many writers and editors from various websites. You can also join this team and win with everyone on an equal footing.

How to start working to make money by writing articles

In order for your earnings from writing articles, you have to become a copywriter. Our best recommendation is to start with this. And then, as it goes.

The first step is to take orders that are not expensive in terms of the cost of services. This will give you experience and rating. Rating on sites is quite an important thing where you can provide your copywriting services. The higher it is, the more expensive customers will be able to entrust you.

Take on easy tasks, gain experience. Then you get paid more, but that is with time.

The main thing here is not to be lazy. Some aspiring copywriters take their first jobs for next to nothing. They value experience, just like you do. If you are lucky enough to already have that experience writing articles, this is great. In this case, start at a fast pace.

And let’s take a look at different types of income from writing articles. They are different from each other, but one suits someone, and the other doesn’t.

Types of writing works to make money by articles:

# 1 – Copywriting

There are indeed certainly more copywriters in the globe than the four listed below. These people compose stuff “out of their minds” every day and get money from it.

Someone writes the text for himself, while someone else works for a client. However, the premise remains the same.

A copywriter is someone who creates the “body” of the text, or the actual content. However, only then will additional professionals be able to connect.

# 2 – Text Translation

Text translation can be done by someone who speaks at least two languages. Yes, there are auto online translators that can translate any text from any language in the world!

But they’re not perfect. Talking turns, then we need a person. Only he will be able to translate the text in such a way that he wants to read it, and at the same time the semantic load has not been lost.

# 3 – Rewriting

This article rewriting activity is suitable for those who want to further improve the articles, make them better and of better quality. Essentially this is added value.

You take someone’s text and paraphrase everything a little differently but leave the meaning the same meaning.

The article uniqueness of this promotion usually increases, and such articles are much more fun to read. If you don’t intend to write articles yourself, it would be better if someone had already written it.

# 4 – Seo copyright

SEO has been buried for a long time, but it won’t go anywhere. It will just turn into something new. Do you know how certain algorithms from different search engines work, or maybe you are a super social media specialist?

He writes texts that are adapted for “SEO” by inserting certain key phrases, and then he can already be called an SEO copywriter. These will no longer be just articles, but special articles that aim to reach certain heights in the ranking.

Note : Start with one, then try the next and see which one you like best. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

And the next step is to analyze which articles should be.

Your articles should be:

# 1 – Written for People

Despite the fact that every text and article is released in order to advance in the search (in some way), it is important to remember that it will be read by people, not machines or algorithms.

You’re trying for them, and that’s something you shouldn’t lose sight of. After you finish writing the next article, read it to see if you want to read it without knowing who wrote it. Try to focus on the reader; SEO will catch up.

# 2 – Optimal volume

How much do you think an article should be to make it “perfect”? That’s right, size is not in quantity, but in quality. But the point is, the more text there is in an article, the more information it contains.

We can open up each topic in more and more detail. Brief is the sister of talent, but not in our case. We always write better. Quantity doesn’t help when quality suffers, so one shouldn’t interfere with the other, it should help.

It is not an ideal parameter for the number of words in an article; it is usually still a minimum of 1800 characters and a maximum of 7700.

# 3 -Unique

Uniqueness is important to texts, and without it, writing makes no sense at all. Of course, you can’t understand everything, and you won’t just write about what your experiences will go through the roof.

However, although you will use different sources to write your article, it does not mean that you can simply record and copy the text.

You have to think with your own head and use various services that check the uniqueness of the text.

Ideally, the article should be at least 85% unambiguous, otherwise there is a risk that the Yandex and Google search engines will prohibit it.

# 4 – Structured

The essential thing to remember here is not to overdo it. Everything should be in moderation. However, full text without a list, frame, paragraphs and pictures looks very illegible.

So after you’ve written an article, structure it. You can add a table. , insert additional headings, format the text in bold.

All of this will add extra value to your reflections in the text and increase the percentage in the ranking. But, as previously stated, the essential thing is not to overdo it.

# 5 – Search Engine Optimized

You only have to deal with search engine optimization if the customer specifies this in the order.

As a rule, they provide the necessary keys themselves, which you have to place correctly in your text. Anyway, as it was before. written, we have to write for the people and not overdo it with the keys.

Tip: first write what you like, so you write more in volume. And only then do the editing of the text and everything else.

Now we will give you the most reliable platforms, where you can not only try your hand, but also work at full capacity for a long time. Lots of work so get to work.

List of Articles Writing Platforms to Make Money

# 1 – iWRITER

iWriter is a content mill most like Textbroker. Anyone, including non-native English speakers, can apply to start freelance writing on iWriter.

iWriter, the website is not only the most popular with copywriters, but also the largest and largest project among many content exchanges. This is due to the quality of the work you are ready to do any task for your client, as well as the cost of getting it to run.

There are a lot of copywriters here just because they pay well for it. there are other tasks, such as liking or writing comments for money. Once you have started, simply register with the service and your status will initially be “Newbie”.

You will be able to write articles yourself on topics you are familiar with and put them up for sale. the price itself. To start, however, we recommend that you find a customer yourself and do some of your work. Increase your grade for the project and only then will you gain confidence.

There are less entrance barriers, lower-rated writers may make very little, and there may be a pricing race to the bottom.

As your star rating rises, so will your potential to earn more money.

Who can apply: Anyone

Earnings: From 1.5 cents per word

Procedure for Applying: Fill out an application and then wait 5-7 days for approval.

There are many ways to pay money.


ProBlogger is another solid online job board where you writers can make money by writing articles. It is easy to use and easy to find customers for your sales copy. Like many sites, this exchange has its own article store.

It is not a platform for new authors, but rather for those wishing to improve their skills.

Anyone is eligible to apply.
Earnings: The majority of opportunities start at $0.05 per word.
Procedure for Applying: Make an account and start applying for jobs.


Writer Access has been around for many years. It is a well-established freelance writing site to make money by it. Anyone can request to write for their clients, although approval is not guaranteed.

Who can apply: Any earner: Set your own prices

Application process: You must provide your educational background, industry experience, published writing examples and a resume.

# 4 – TextBroker

Textbroker is another great article writing site to make money by writing articles. Because experienced writers have the leading concept and scope, they can start generating a lot of money quickly. It will assist you in achieving your business goals as a writer and author.

For me, Textbroker is another great iWriter alternatives that provide huge scope for a writer to grow. They have excellent reputations in this industry.

There are three types of orders available on the Textbroker platform, including:

     1.  OpenOrder

These are orders that are listed for anyone to write and get paid by TextBroker based on the quality of their writing.

     2. DirectOrder

Direct orders are offers that are provided directly to you based on your achievements as listed on your profile page.

    3. TeamOrder

The final type is team orders, in which you write as a team member by joining one of the platform’s available teams.

TextBroker is one of my favorite article writing platforms, comparable to iWriter, where you can simply make a life..

# 5 – Fiverr

Fiverr is the most popular online freelance marketplace and my best article writing website. They can offer copywriting services in the form of “concerts” at a cost of $ 5.

While it’s unique and an alternative to iWriter and TextBroker, it’s still pretty crowded and you may need to improve your profile and use the right keywords to get noticed. Fiverr is mainly used by freelancers to meet the needs of people all over the world.

We have listed over four million services on the Fiverr website, ranging from $ 5 to over $ 600, depending on what you want to do.

Although services start at $ 5, freelancers can bargain and decide how much they want to be. paid to provide services as per your gig.


Content Gather – Super freelance for remote work write texts and sell for money.

This site is one of the popular site to  make money by writing in terms of the number of orders . The site has firmly taken its place among all types of freelance. In addition to texts for sale, you can complete various tasks and receive a monetary reward for this.

Although, on the service you can set the price yourself, and the bar below which you will not work, there is also a fixed minimum price – 500 rubles.

Keep in mind that you will not receive less for your assignment (and this is not only the sale of articles), but this amount is still free of commission.


In conclusion, I want to point out a very important factor, in order to become a good copywriter and make money by writing really profitable articles for you, you just have to start writing, this is the main factor without which you will not get on this path.

Nobody will do the main thing for you, they will not write! Time will make you the best of the best, but it works here and now. Don’t be afraid to contact customers yourself. People can be busy, but you also have to find out, ask, and even challenge.

We hope you have patience and believe in yourself! We wish you a stable and successful job and thank you for visiting this page. All the best!

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