Make Money Online With Latium Freelancing Site

Make Money Online With Latium Freelancing Site

Latium Freelancing is an online platform where you can look for jobs and hire people using digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you are serious about becoming a freelancer, this is a fantastic opportunity.

It is first website that pays in cryptocurrency or directly in US dollars to your PayPal account. Sign up for your Latium Freelancer account now to get your first job and work experience.

The Latium Freelancing Platform has two main types of users on their platform:

1. I Want to Work

The first allows people (called I Want to Work) to access the Latium ecosystem and work on projects to earn money.

These projects can be a survey, social media activity, graphic design and software development. Start working with instantly hires projects instead of bid contract.

These project structure has been created in a way for users to simply and easily interact with their employers.

2. I want to Hire

The second feature (called I want to Hire) allow users to post tasks and find competent or qualified Freelancers to complete these projects.

In addition, it provides a unique opportunity for users who are looking to have projects completed. The One-to-Many project structure in Latium allows a user to establish a project and hire as few or as many Freelancers as their budget permits.

A user can hire a single individual to do some visual design work, or they can hire thousands of users to download and test their app.

The contract management framework gives a very simple and user-friendly interface for managing all of the personnel that are executing the task.

What is Latium Freelancing?

The Latium Freelancing platform provides users with the opportunity to work and hire for cryptocurrency. Freelance workers can place live bids on projects, while also working on Instant Hire microtasks to earn money quickly.

Employers can post projects, accept bids and manage thousands of freelancers easily and efficiently. Latium workers can be paid with digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Latium Digital Token, along with the ability to withdraw their earnings immediately.

How Latium Freelancing works

Three process is involved to start working with Latium Freelancing. As a Latium Freelancer, you may show your skills, accomplish tasks, and earn in a variety of currencies.

Browse Projects

Once you created the account. Browse the projects available on the Latium platform and submit a bid or choose an Instant Hire project to begin working right away.

Complete the Project

Complete the project in accordance with the Employer’s requirements and submit your work via the Latium contract management system.

Get Paid or Earn Money

Payment will be delivered to your Latium Wallet soon after your work has been reviewed and approved.

Latium Freelance jobs to Make Money with Latium Site

  • Surveys
  • Graphics & Design
  • Social & Digital Marketing
  • Websites & Software
  • Usability Testing
  • Registrations
  • Translation & Languages
  • App Downloads
  • Video & Animation
  • Audio & Music
  • Other
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Business, Accounting, HR & Legal
  • Data Annotation
  • Data Entry & Collection
  • Engineering & Science
  • Mobile Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Writing & Content

Latium Freelancing Payment Method

All payments on the Latium platform are based in US dollars. However, payments are also made using cryptocurrencies supported by the project. You can choose the project in US dollars and choose the cryptocurrency that you want to use for payment. 

After creating a contract between you and the freelancer, the current dollar equivalent of this cryptocurrency is frozen and awaits payment upon project completion.

Once the project or task is completed according to your requirements, you can select the Pay Now option at the bottom of the contract or in the side menu.

Minimum paypal withdrawals $10. To withdraw money, go to wallet tab and click over there. You will be directed to the payment section. Withdrawals from PayPal can be easily made to your linked bank account.

How do I earn money online from Latium Freelancer or how does latium works

I have started working with Latium Freelancer couple of days and verified my profile by paying the $12. As a verified member I will get more work and projects. You will fill captcha to enter in site as proof of human.

Here is the process which I followed from registration to completing a project. This is how do I earn money online from Latium Freelancer. As an unverified user you can earn money, there is no need to pay anything.

Step 1 – Create your Latium Freelancer profile

Your profile is a way to advertise yourself as a successful freelancer to potential clients. Therefore, a successful profile should look complete and clear. A good profile represents picture of your skills, services, and accomplishments. So, include all your skills in profile what you can offer.

Make Money Online With Latium Freelancing Site

Here are some tips on how to create a good impression of yourself by filling out your profile.

  • Create account with real name
  • Complete fill your profile with your skills that you can do
  • Make your introduction of the skills in your About section.
  • Add your skills which you offer to your client.
  • Now you are ready with your impressive profile to make money with Latium
Step 2 – Browser Projects

Once you log in, you will see at the top “Browse “ section. Click on the browse you will see the list of works categories which you can do to make money with Latium freelancing site.

Make Money Online With Latium Freelancing Site
Step 3 – Complete Projects/ Tasks

At the left side of the site, you will see the list of work categories. There are many kinds of works or projects which you can do in accordance with your interest and skills. Some free and paid works are as shows as below:

List of Tasks for Unverified Users on Latium Freelancing Site


Under this category you will answer some simple questions and then get paid it. This category of task is available free member available. Verified member is not mandatory for this category task. You will find varieties of tasks with high paid. It is not like other survey site.

Example of tasks – earning $5 (Short Opinion survey – 10 min max)

Make Money Online With Latium Freelancing Site

Here in this image freelancer is looking to compile some details on some quick usability testing for a new affiliate portal being sign up.

They just want to test a user signup, confirmation and profile share. Temporary emails are fine, this is simply a usability test for multiple users in multiple areas and browsers.

Usability Testing

Some website owners post tasks over here to get real feedback for their sites or application. They want feedback from users that sites or application are working properly. All the tab or post are displaying well mannered. Website’s design is good.

Here is one example of task.

Google Search + Select – Earning $ 10 – $ 15

In this tasks freelancer has given the Instruction to complete the work.

Needing an ongoing amount of freelancers to contract and assist with SEO efforts.

For the sake of this contract, you’ll be provided with 25 keyword searches and the associating page and result to select.

You’ll need to:

-Search for “XKEYWORD” on Google
-Go to specified page
-Select “XRESULT”

Screenshots will need to be provided for each result, but can be taken relatively quickly with each search.

Feel free to apply and let me know any special circumstances or details you think apply to your qualifications and I’ll select and begin allocating searches to users.


Under this category you will be doing simple easy registration work. Tasks are available free member as well verified member. Verified member is not mandatory for this category task. You will find varieties of tasks with high paid.

Here is one example of task.

Easy registration 2 minutes job

Freelancer has given instruction how to complete the work. One you done with job according to the requirement you will get paid for your work.

App Downloads

Another easy task you can do on Latium Freelancing site. Here you will be definitely paid for your work. Task are very easy and anyone can do it.

Here is one example of task.

How to find a suitable project on Latium Freelance

Searching for projects and tasks are easy on Latium. You just go to the browser tab and click it. At the left side you will see the project category. Choose project as per your interest and start working.

  • Enter a skill, or even two, in the search box to find a suitable project.
  • Use filters to fine-tune your search.

How to make a good bid on Latium Freelance project

Your bid is a good way to make a positive impression of yourself. Show your strengths, reveal your skills and tell them what your experience is. And also tell me why the customer should choose you. Here are some tips on what and how to write in a bid for a project so that you get order.

  • Write to the point. Write briefly and only on the project. Briefly describe to the client your experience related to the project. Show a couple of examples that are relevant to the project.
  • Ask and clarify the details of the project. This will demonstrate that you have a deep understanding of the project.
  • Some clients may ask you additional questions. Or insert a test word in the project description. This allows them to filter out spam. Be attentive and read the assignment to the end. 

Don’t spam.

Don’t copy-paste your coverletters for every project. This greatly reduces your chances of winning, and can also negatively affect your reputation. You can adapt the template cover letter. But do it in a way that fits the project.

Latium referral earning program

The Latium platform offers its users a referral program through which they can earn money in a variety of ways.

All new users who sign up through this link will be added to your referrals list. You will then be paid 50% of anything these people perform on the platform.

Every time one of your referrals executes a trade on the Latium exchange, pays a contract, pays a commission, or earns an incentive bonus, you receive 50% of the proceeds.

Referral alternatives are constantly evolving, allowing Latium to present its users with the most opportunities to earn money.

Description of the Latium project

In minutes, you may publish your project and begin receiving comments from Freelancer. Before beginning work, seek expert guidance and a completion date.

Look through freelancers’ portfolios to locate examples of their previous work. You can also look at the ratings to choose the greatest artist.

Hire 1000 freelancers to work on the same project automatically. This design is perfect for data annotation, surveys, and social media marketing.

How the work is completed:

Publish the project

Just add a few details about what you need to do and post it for free.

Choose a freelancer

Browse through freelance testimonials and portfolios to find the one that suits your needs.

Pay only when you are satisfied

Once you’re happy with your job, proceed to make a secure payment using either cryptocurrency and usd.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Is Latium freelancing legit?

Latium Freelancing is blockchain based legit sites. It has started in between 2011 and paying to the freelancer. It has 4.5 rating in the market. As long as Latium freelancing pays their users is legit.

Based on my experiences working with Latium Freelancing, I can say that it is not a scam. It is a legitimate micro-job site where you may earn money by doing tasks.

Can we use Latium Freelancing site on mobile or latium freelancing app?

Latium Freelancing doesn’t have a mobile app. However, you can use a mobile browser and navigate their site smoothly without the need to zoom. The site is optimized for mobile and you won’t have to zoom in to read the content.

You can bid for projects even when you’re not sitting in front of your computer. But most of the work will require a laptop or desktop.

The only times you will use your mobile device while working on projects that require you to download mobile apps or when checking or withdrawing your earnings.

How does Latium pay?

This is the tricky part of Latium Freelancing. When you complete a project, you will earn money in either cryptocurrency or US dollars. It will primarily depend on the employer and how much he or she would pay you.

The payment will be displayed on the project’s details page. So you’ll know what you’ll be paid after you finish a project.

How do I get a job at Latium Freelancing ?

To get job at Latium Freelancing you need register yourself with the site. Complete your registration process. Go to browse section and check the list of the jobs at the left side. If any thing interest your skills and hobby complete the tasks.

Latium Freelancing Reviews

As far as the review concern, it has score 4.5 rating in the market. This 4.5 rating review is enough to start working with Latium.

Latium Freelancing sign up process

Sign up with Latium Freelancing is very easy . Go to the sign up section and clink on the tab. A new page will open. Fill your basic details and complete your good profile with your skills and knowledge.

Conclusion – my experience with latium

The Latium Freelancing platform is a quick and easy way to make money. Complete tasks in the Instant Hire section of the app then place a live bid on one of your desired projects. Latium freelancer account is free to register. Hence, join latium and give a try.

The Latium Freelance is a cryptocurrency-based freelance platform. Latium users can create bids on projects, and work with microtasks to make money quickly. There are a lot of instant hires projects available to make money on Latium.

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