10 Best Online Transcription Jobs

10 Best Online Transcription Jobs

Transcription Jobs are quite popular among online work-seekers lately. The rationale is that the character of labor is relatively easy and it also can get very rewarding for people.

The best part of the transcription job is that you will earn an honest amount per month at the convenience of your home without requiring any advanced or professional skills.

In this article, you will get to understand a number of the favored websites for online transcribing jobs for beginners, but before that, let’s get to understand more about what the work actually involves.

Companies and Websites Providing the Best Transcription Jobs

Transcribe Me

TranscribeMe is one among the leading transcription sites on the online and offers a number of the very best rates for its workers. You will earn $15-22 per audio hour (even more as you get more experience). If you have got a medical or legal background, then you create the foremost out of this platform.

TranscribeMe offers flexibility at work. You can transcribe a couple of minutes of audio or video and once you have submitted that, you will get more micro-tasks. You will register yourself for free of charge then undergo the training course that they provide, after which you give an exam to prove your proficiency and start work.

Payment Details : On average, they pay $15 to $22 per audio hour. You will easily withdraw your earnings through Paypal.

2. Rev

To work with Rev, you must be proficient in English. To start out working you merely register as a freelancer and to go under a proficiency test. If you pass the test, you will be notified in five days. Then you will proceed to pick the available transcription jobs to start out working.

If you are not able to pass the test, you get a second attempt for it. Rev also has the benefit to figure flexibly. As a Rev worker, you will have the liberty to make your own work schedule and manage your tasks.

Payment Details : Rev pays around $2 to $30 per hour supported experience. Average monthly earning $245. They pay via Paypal.

3. GoTranscript

Go transcript is for beginner. It is a beginner-friendly transcription job site. You have to rise up to six hours of completion time for a 10-minute audio file. You can choose between tons of obtainable transcription projects with flexible working hours.

GoTranscript has always employment by which you can do daily jobs and maintain consistency. Furthermore may have the chance to find out and obtain better at your job through the feedback and guidance you get from their Support team.

Payment Details You get paid $0.60 per audio file. The reported average earnings through this platform are $150 per month. The payment method is Paypal.

4. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite required experienced workers residing within the US or Canada. It offer high buy transcribers

You are also required to possess a typing speed of 60 WPM and be available a minimum of 4 hours per week. Fill their application form online and apply for his or her available positions.

Payment Details : You can easily earn up to $20 per hour if you’ve got decent typing speed. the precise rate of payment is half-a-cent per word. Earnings are often withdrawn within the sort of Check or Direct Deposit.

5. SpeechPad

SpeechPad gives its workers the chance to earn higher as you progress with their work. They provide flexible work with no minimum hours. There are a spread of jobs available.

You will filter the roles together with your preference and may choose between small jobs or longer jobs, consistent with your convenience. Most of the roles require no qualifications but a couple of may have a selected criterion.

Beginners can make use of the 24- hour support available from their team for any issues. The advantage of performing on this platform is that you simply get to earn bonuses also , as you proceed together with your work and earn an honest rating for your work quality. You can apply to be hired at a speech pad by filling in their form and qualifying for work.

Payment Details : SpeechPad paid its workers twice every week . you’ll earn up to $2.5 per minute. They pay via Paypal.

6. Scribie

To start work on Scribie, you willl submit your online application. Once accepted you’ll be required to offer a test after which you’ll get an invitation for submission of a transcription sample. Once you’ve got passed this procedure you’ll access your Scribie account and take up the available jobs.

Jobs are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Once you’re taking up employment , you’re required to submit the script within two hours. You’ll also cancel employment if you would like .

It is important that you simply maintain an honest work quality as you’re graded upon your work then evaluated for promotion or bonuses. The rate of pay is aligned with the minutes of audio file you’ll be performing on .

Payment Details : You can earn $5 to $25 per hour and average monthly earnings of $200-300. Payment is completed via Paypal.

7. Transcribe

Transcribe offers jobs for US residents who have experience in transcription. If you’ve got had the previous experience you’ll apply by submitting your application and giving the qualification test. Upon clearing the test, you’re eligible to use for the roles .

You’ll choose any job you wish and may work consistently as there are ample available work opportunities. there’s the choice to figure the maximum amount as you would like during a day, however, you see fit.

Payment Details : Pay rates vary from project to project. Payments are made daily via Paypal.

8. We Localize

WeLocalize offers a stimulating opportunity for anyone curious about this line of labor . You get purchased transcribing songs and lyrics. If you’re a concert-goer then this job will offer you a lot of entertainment and an honest amount of money at the top of the month. To start work on WeLocalize, you would like to submit your application. Once your application is submitted you’ll be invited for the available jobs, after which you’ll need to download their app then you’ll start working. Payment Details WeLocalize pas $4 per transcription of song lyrics. Payment methods are Wire Transfer and ACH.

9. Audio Transcription Center With ATC, you’ve got the chance to transcribe a spread of audio projects starting from oral history interviews to educational reform or NGO interviews and conferences. the corporate also offers you the chance to either work on their office, located in Boston or as a freelancer. the work itself requires no experience, however, it does require a typing speed of 80 WPM. Payment Details Payments roll out on weekly basis. The ir payment method is currently not mentioned on their website.

10. Nibity Nibity

offers earning opportunities for people of the USA, Canada, and South Africa . Experience isn’t required, and jobs are available for nearly a person with decent computer skills. Nibity requires its transcribers to transcribe a mean of 30 to hour of audio files. to start out work, fill within the form on the web site , after which you’ll take a proficiency test and be contacted by a Nibity manager. Payment Details Nibity’s rate of payment is 50 cents per minute which equal approximately $30 per hour.

What is Online Transcription?

There are tons of data on the web within the sort of audio and visual media, however, many still prefer reading text to urge the knowledge without having to observe lengthy videos. There also are language and accent barriers which make it inconvenient to concentrate to audio or watch videos.

That is where transcribing comes in. Your job as a web Transcriber are going to be to convert audio into the text as accurately as possible. All you would like to start out the roles may be a PC / Laptop, internet connection, a headset, and fluency within the desired language. Once you get approved for the role, all you would like to try to to is hear some Audio and convert it into Text. That’s all there’s thereto . List of Online Transcription Websites Below may be a list of a number of the foremost authentic and popular websites to start out your freelance career in transcription:

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